Mountain and Plains Appaloosa Horse Club


The Mountain and Plains Appaloosa Horse club was formed in Colorado Springs, Colorado in 1953 for the purpose of assisting in the promotion of the Appaloosa breed and raising, owning or selling the Appaloosa horse. 
 The Mountain & Plains club is an affiliate of the Appaloosa Horse club, Inc, of Moscow, Idaho, the national breed organization of the Appaloosa Horse. 

 If you are interested in Appaloosa horses, whether it be from the standpoint of a breeder, owner, rider, seller or otherwise you need the Mountains and Plains Appaloosa horse Club  - the Mountains and Plains club needs you. 

 Your membership will benefit you directly by keeping you in touch with other Appaloosa horse people in the area and with upcoming Appaloosa horse club events.

MPApHC main objectives are:

Knowledge and appreciation of the Appaloosa horse Breed

Encourage youth members or whose families are members to become involved in the training and use of the Appaloosa horse

Hold exhibitions of Appaloosas each year and accord recognition to participants and members for accomplishments in training , breeding and showing of Appaloosas

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Year end Points are on the Show Results page

Results for the Mountain and Plains September Horse show are on the Show Results page.

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Mountains and Plains Appaloosa Horse Club Year-end Banquet.

Sunday December 12, 2021
11:00 a.m.

at Eaton Country Club
37661 Co Rd 39
Eaton CO

Please RSVP to Teresa Johnson - designtoy@aol.com or 

We look forward to seeing everybody!